Requested Data

Data Fields in Bonfire refer to fields that require input from the vendor at the time of submission. There are four types of data fields: Number, TextTrue/False and Yes/No.

To setup Requested Data options, navigate to the Requested Information section and click on the Manage button as pictured below.




  1. Navigate to Requested Information and click Manage
  2. Use the dropdown menu to select the your desired option
  3. Type your question in the question field (keep in mind you want to word it in such a way where the answer will be either True/False, Yes/No, etc.) 
  4. Check off applicable fields for Multiple Files/Required/Sealed and map to appropriate group(s) 

What does the Vendor see?


If you need to change your answer, you simply click on the Edit button which will become available once an answer has been saved:



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