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Requested Data - True/False option

Data Fields in Bonfire refer to fields that require an input from the vendor at the time of submission. There are three types of data field: Number, Text and True/False.

This requires that the Vendor answer either True or False to your question.

To setup Requested True/False Data navigate to the Requested Information section and click on the Manage button as pictured below.


In this example, there is already 3 Requested Documents setup. To add a Requested Data True/False Input:

  1. Click the add Requested Data button
  2. Use the dropdown menu to select the True/False option
  3. Type your question in the question field (keep in mind you want to word it in such a way where the answer will be either True or False) 
  4. Check off applicable fields for Multiple Files/Required/Sealed and map to appropriate group(s) 




What does the Vendor see?


If you need to change your True/False answer, you simply click on the EDIT button which will become available once an answer has been saved:




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