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This feature is a two-level feature, which allows you to see exactly who has downloaded your Public Files. The first level, Document Takers/Public Document Takers, allows a broad overview of the documents that have been downloaded for Project Owners and for Vendors. Public Vendor Fields allows vendors the option to see more details about the Document Takers.

NOTE: This feature is not enabled by default, please contact to have it turned on.

NEW! You can now set up and view Vendor Diversity data on your Project's tables! Check out Tracking Vendor Diversity for more information, or jump down to Vendor Diversity and Public Document Takers

Document Takers 

In order for someone to download a file, they must be logged into their Bonfire profile and this is how we are able to track what we call "Document Takers".

Under the Submissions section, you will see a tab for Document Takers



If you wish to export the list of the Document Takers, click on the Excel or Word icon to download the list in your desired format:


Public Document Takers 

Public Document Takers allows your vendors to see general information about the Document Takers (who has downloaded what and when).

If you wish to allow Vendors the ability to view the Document Takers under the Project page, it can be enabled under the Actions button → Edit Project. From there, click the Configurations dropdown menu and select Public Document Takers: 


With Public Document Takers enabled, the vendors will be able to see this high-level overview, with the option to view details: 

With only Public Document Takers, the view will remain similar:


Public Vendor Fields

Public Vendor Fields provide vendors with the most visibility when viewing details about the Document Takers. With Public Vendor Fields enabled, the vendor has the option to view the Document Taker's contact information (email and/or phone number) and location (address) details:


The Buyer also has the option to make any of their Custom Vendor Registration Fields public as well by selecting the "Public" box when creating/editing their Custom Registration Fields

Vendor Diversity and Public Document Takers

Once you have set up your Vendor Diversity Tracking, every vendor registration field you make Public will be displayed in the Public Document Takers Table. This makes the information more easily accessible to vendors and allows them to see public information about who has downloaded the project documents.

Here's an example:


Please note that if the Buyer has not enabled Public Document Takers, no vendor registration field will be shown even if the field is configured to be public. 

NOTE: Enabling Public Document Takers once a project has opened will automatically display any Document Takers who have already downloaded documents.

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