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Public Files are placed on the portal and available for anyone to download. If you are looking to upload a Public File while also notifying your Vendors, you can do both at the same time by issuing a Public Notice.

First, navigate to the Files section, then click on Upload -> Public File.



The Upload Public File window should pop up. Fields designated with a red asterisk (*) are required. (For a list of compatible file types, please see our What file types are compatible in Bonfire? page.) In the example below, we are uploading a .docx file as a Public File:



Once the file is added it will appear under the Public tab of the Files section. (Do note that this is also viewable by any internal users within your organization that have access to your project.) Details of the file are displayed including the file type, description, and date it was added. From here you can also click on the Actions button to Edit/Delete/Download the file:



For more insight on how vendors view and download Public Files, please see our Where do I download the documents for the opportunity? page. You can also click Actions -> Preview on Portal on your Project Details page for a direct example.



Do note that, if you have the Past Public Opportunities option enabled for your portal, your Public Files will remain downloadable by vendors after the project closes. If you wish to only restrict this access to during the Open phase of the project, you can click Actions -> Edit Project on your Project Details page, and enable Hide public-facing documents from the portal once the project closes:




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