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Public Files

Public Files are placed on the portal and available for anyone to download. If you are looking to upload a Public File while also notifying your Vendors, you can do both at the same time by Issuing a Public Notice.

Go to the Files section and click on the Upload button and select Public File.

The Upload Public File window populates. Fields designated with a red asterisk (*) are required. For a list of compatible file types, please click hereIn the example below, we are uploading a PDF document as a Public File:

Once the file is added it will appear under the Public tab under the Files section. Details of the file are displayed including the file type, description, and date it was added. From here you can also click on the Actions button to Edit/Delete/Download the file:

What does the Vendor see when they are logged in and viewing the project details?

Under the Supporting Documentation section of the Project Details they will see any Public Files that have been made available for download:

These Public Documents can also be hidden from the portal once the opportunity is closed (in Evaluating phase or later). To turn on this feature on, you can simply go into your project and select Edit Project.

You can also enable this feature at the start of creating a project (See Creating a project in Bonfire ) 



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