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If you wish to solicit bids by invitation, you can do so by changing your project's visibility to Invite Only. Invite Only projects are not listed on the Public Portal. When sending your invites, you have the option to limit the access to exact email addresses or expand to email addresses within one domain. 

This feature by default is turned off and is accessed at the project level by selecting Actions -> Edit Projects on your Project Details page. Once in the Edit Projects window, you can change the Visibility drop-down to be Invite Only:

NOTE: If this option is not available to you and you wish to access it, please contact us at


How do I invite vendors?

Under the Vendor Invites section, click on the Invite Vendors tab, then click the Invite Vendors button:


 A popup window appears allowing you to invite vendors in a few different ways:

  • Via the Recommended Engine
  • Via a Vendor List already created
  • By manually adding the email addresses and any emails from matching domains


Using the Allow Domain Match feature

As noted above, in order for registered vendors to access the project details, they must register and sign on with an email address that is an exact match to the invite. You have the ability to expand this visibility to anyone with an email address under an approved domain. 

To enable this feature, simply click the 'Allow Domain Match' checkbox in the Invite Vendors pop-up. When inputting the email address in the Email box, enter a whole email and not just the domain (i.e. and not

You can also enter a custom message to be displayed on your email invites. It is important to note that these custom messages are not stored in the Database. They only appear in the email invites. 

NOTE: When using the Domain Name Match, only the email(s) entered in the Invite Vendor window will receive the email invitation, not everyone with the same domain name.

Invitations are only sent once the project is in its open stage. Your vendor will receive an invitation similar to the image pictured below:


In order for a Vendor to gain full access to view and submit to Invite Only projects, they must first confirm their account. Only after confirming their account will a Vendor then be able to prepare a submission for an Invite Only project.

What does an Invited Vendor see after they have confirmed their account and logged in? 

When the invited Vendor logs into their account they will see the projects to which they've been invited under their My Opportunities tab:

Once you have invited Vendors to your Project, you can also create Reports on Vendor Invites! Read further here: How can I see who received an Invite to a Project?

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