How to Add or Remove a Department

All Projects or Contracts must be assigned to a Department. This allows you to categorize your projects or contracts (e.g., facilities, I.T., finance, etc.).

Only Org Admins have access to create new Departments. Click on Manage on the title banner. This will bring you to the Manage Your Organization section shown in the screenshot below. From here you would click the Create Department button:


A popup will appear allowing you to create a new Department.

How to delete a Department

Departments cannot be deleted if there are any users or projects assigned to them. You must first re-assign users to other departments and delete any projects that belong to the department. Otherwise, there will be a corresponding Delete button visible next to the department if you wish you to delete it. 

In the screenshot below the Department called "Accessibility for Engineering" has no users or projects against it, therefore the Delete button is available:

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