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How do I fill out a BidTable?

Once you are logged in under the Project Listing you should see a Download button (under the Requested Information section) allowing you to download a copy of the BidTable template:


Once you open the template you will notice that the Excel spreadsheet will contain 3 different tabs/sheets:

  1. Instructions
  2. Primary Responses
  3. Additional Responses

Please read the Instructions carefully before proceeding.

NOTE: The BidTable template can only be filled out with Microsoft Excel! If you attempt to fill it out with any other software (even software that exports in .xlsx format), you will receive an error when attempting to upload your file.

Under the Primary Responses tab, you will fill in your answers for all the items you are bidding on. To do this:

For the first item, you wish to bid on, click the yellow cell labeled No Bid. This will display an arrow which will reveal a dropdown menu. In the menu choose Bid.


This will then allow you to enter in further responses in the Vendor Response columns, which are denoted by the headings in the darker shade of blue (i.e., Brand, Quantity Provided, and Unit Price). The "Total Price" column is automatically tabulated based on what you input for your "Quantity Provided" and "Unit Price".


You'll notice that once you flip an item's decision to Bid, the Status column changes and it displays a red error message. This column will let you know if a response is missing and if so, which one. The Status will change to a green success message when all the required responses have been provided.

NOTE: You CANNOT leave any of the white Vendor Response cells blank. Otherwise, you will receive an error when attempting to upload.

All other cells besides those that the Vendor is supposed to fill out will be locked from editing.

If you enter a number into a text field or vice versa, you will see two red error messages at the top of the sheet. In the example below, we have entered text in the "Quantity Provided" column which is meant to accept a numeric value only.


If you do not see the Bid/No Bid column then this means that the Buyer did not enable the option for No Bids. Therefore, you will have to fill out the vendor columns for every item that is listed and the red error message will not disappear until every blank cell is filled:

The Buyer may or may not choose to enable the option for Additional Responses. If they do enable it you will find a tab listed as Additional Responses.

The third tab/sheet is where you would add your any additional responses that you may have for the same item names as listed by the buyer from the Primary Responses tab (if applicable).

Notice here that the first column "#" is now coloured a darker shade of blue (indicating a column you can input/fill out). 

When you type in the item # (it is VERY important it is typed in exactly as how it appears under the Primary Responses tab), it will auto-populate the Item Name, Quantity Required, and Packaging fields for you.

In the screenshot below, we have set it up to add 2 Alternate Responses for item "#0-1" and one Additional Response for "#0-2".

We simply just need to fill out the Vendor Response columns (again, these are the cells under the darker shaded columns -- i.e., Brand, Quantity Provided, Unit Price) for each Additional Response. 


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