How to Evaluate a Project with a BidTable

To evaluate a BidTable you must first open up the Scorecard. This is found under the Submissions section of the Project Details page. The purpose of the BidTable Scorecard is to be able to compare vendor prices side by side and will not affect your final score. 

Click on any Scorecard button to bring up the Scorecard view.

NOTE: If you are a project owner, in order to see the Scorecard, you must first add yourself as a reviewer to the Evaluation Group with the BidTable assigned. 


A Scorecard pop-up will appear for the BidTable you are evaluating. Click on Score


The Criteria section will expand. Click on Score Order List to access the Order List view, where you will be able to select which vendors have been awarded which items. 


This video below will outline the steps involved with BidTable Evaluation once you have the Order List open:

NOTE: The above video displays our previous interface.

Hidden Columns

Buyers cannot put values into the Vendor Value column until at least one submission has been made. Once a selection has been made, you may select a basket or multiple items, then under Bulk Actions select Apply Vendor Values


The Apply Vendor Values window will let you fill in your hidden vendor columns. Select your Vendor Column from the drop-down menu, then fill in the values for the corresponding vendors. Once you are done, click Save


You can find more info on creating calculated BidTable Columns by checking out our Creating Calculated BidTable Columns page.

You can also download/export your BidTable order list as an Excel file. See How do I download/export a BidTable order list? 

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