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How do I flip price scoring so that the highest price gets the most points?

Are you running a project where the price scoring methodology is reversed? In other words, the highest price would be given the highest score, then all other vendors would be allotted an amount relative to that?

Our Advanced Algorithms feature will allow you to easily implement this by giving you more options for how scores are determined. When enabled, you will get a new dropdown to select alternative algorithms when defining Criteria.

NOTE: This feature is turned off by default. Please contact Bonfire Support so we can enable this option for you.

Once Advanced Algorithms has been enabled it will be available as an option for all future projects you create.

If you wish to enable it for an existing project you must manually toggle it on. It will now be a checkbox option under the Edit Project button. You just need to check it off to enable it for any prior projects (see below image). 


After you enable it for the project, under the Manage Criteria modal (Criteria  Manage Button) you will now see the Pricing Criteria has a new drop-down to change the relative direction of the Pricing Criteria (eg. highest gets full marks).


Additionally, Advanced Algorithms also impact Rated Criteria in a similar fashion whereby you can change the scoring methodology so that highest score gets full marks:



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