Submission Instructions

To provide detailed instructions to suppliers, download the Submission Instructions document and include it in your RFx document. The instructions will help guide the suppliers in structuring their submission into the right number of (and types of) files and contains the key dates for the project.

The Submission Instructions will generate and become available for you to download AFTER you've created your project (see How can I download the Submission Instructions).

The instructions can be copied and pasted into your Instruction to Bidders section or added in as an Appendix. Every project gets a unique set of instructions (list of Requested Information, Closing Date and Time, and Project Link).

Below is a sample set of Submission Instructions. We've highlighted the variable components of the document below:

*NOTE: Multi-category Decision and Alternate Options/Alternate Proposals projects will have additional instructions automatically added and will appear slightly different depending on the setup. (For more information, see Multi-Category Decisions Project and Alternate Options/Alternate Proposals).

You can download a Sample Submission document here.

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