How do I download/export my vendors' BidTable responses?

Export BidTable Order List

You can export a side-by-side view of all prices submitted by all vendors for each product listed in your BidTable. First, you'll have to create your Order List and access it via the Scorecard (for steps on how to do that, please see the start of our How to Evaluate a Project with a BidTable page).

Once your Order List has been created and loaded, click on the download icon (looks like an arrow pointing downward to a box). This will download a raw Excel file of the data that you see in the Order List view. 


By default, the information populated in the BidTable Order List will be the Total Price of any one item. If you wanted to see different vendor data (e.g., the Unit Price), you can select the Active Column dropdown at the bottom of the Order List on the left side of the page. Select and display the desired Vendor Column:



Please note that the export you download is generated strictly on the current data you've set:


Export Selection Summary 

If you wish to export by Vendor based just on the items you've selected, click on the Selection Summary button in the bottom right corner of the Order List.


Below is an example where we can view the different vendors by selecting them (in the screenshot below we have "Flanagan Foodservice" for context). Note the red arrow points to the "Un-selected Items" tab, you can select this if you wish to view items that were not selected:


You have the option to export the dataset you have selected by clicking on the Export Excel button in the bottom right corner of the pop-up.

Export Itemized BidTable Order List 

If you would like to export a detailed side-by-side view of Vendors' responses for all Vendor Columns, you can export an Itemized Order List. 

Open the Order List and select any item by clicking on the blue link icon (as outlined below). This will open the Detail View for the corresponding item. 


From the Detail View of the item (this will pop up at the bottom of the page, with the Order List still visible), click the Download All Items button: 


This will then yield a line-by-line summary of each item on your BidTable, including the prices that each Vendor had bid for each item as well as all other information they've supplied:  


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