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Opportunity Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) declarations

Depending on your organization's process you may want to require that vendors sign a Non-Disclosure declaration before gaining access to any opportunity documentation. You'll be able to request such declarations by enabling the Opportunity NDA Declarations feature.

When this feature preference is enabled all projects moving forward will have a Vendor NDA added to them.

If you have any pre-existing projects you wish to apply the NDA, you must let us know so we can manually add it for you.

Vendors will need to digitally sign the NDA before they are able to download Public Files, Response Templates, and Create their Submission.

The language for this NDA is updated in the backend by Bonfire Support (

This is what the Vendor will see when they log in and view your project:

The resulting modal displays your organization's NDA language and the Vendor must digitally sign off on it:


After the Vendor has signed the Opportunity NDA, they will then be able to Prepare their Submission:



We display the NDA signatures as a tab in the Submissions section:



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