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How do I view/export/download my Reviewer Notes

In the Notes page, you can now see ALL NOTES rather than just a single note for a given proposal. To access this go to the Submissions section, click Actions → View Notes (for any Vendor as it will display all notes): 



Alternatively, you can also access the View Notes page when you are viewing a document within the Document Viewer. As shown below you can click on the Notes button to take you to the Notes page.

Viewing Document in Document Viewer:


Then clicking on View All Project Notes (as shown below):




Regardless of which of the 2 above methods you use to access the Notes page, you will be taken to the same Notes page shown below.

You now have the ability to fully customize your Notes export! You can toggle which columns you wish to display via the Show/Hide button and whether you would like to export your data as an Excel worksheet or a Word document.



The Show/Hide button allows you to toggle On/Off which columns are displayed so you can fully customize your report:




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