How do I view/export/download my Reviewer Notes?

Reviewer Notes are personal notes that Reviewers can make on each submission file during the evaluation process. Notes are different from Comments in that they are not included on your Scorecard, and as such, they are not officially tied to any scores.

NOTE: Only Reviewers have access to their own Notes. The Project Owner or other Reviewers are unable to see each other's Notes.

To access your Notes, go to the Submissions section, then click Actions → View Notes for any Vendor:


Alternatively, you can also access the full Notes page when you are viewing a document within the Document Viewer. Simply click on the Notes button and then View All Project Notes:


Regardless of which of the two above methods you use to access the Notes page, you will then be taken to the Notes page.

In addition to viewing all of your notes across all the project's submissions, you can also export a copy of all your Notes. You can customize exactly what information appears in the export via the Show/Hide button. You can also specify whether you would like to export your data as an Excel worksheet or a Word document.


The Show/Hide button allows you to toggle on/off which columns are displayed so you can fully customize your report: 



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