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Opportunity Q&A

The Opportunity Q&A feature allows you to directly message your Vendors and vice versa within Bonfire. You can send messages throughout the Open and Evaluation stage depending on Questions Due Date. You have the option to set the due date for questions on a specific date or Never. Setting the Questions Due Date to Never will allow vendors to send in questions even after the project closes.

Project Owners can continue to send one-way messages to Vendors regardless of the due date, but Vendors cannot reply if the Questions Due Date has passed.

Vendors are not able to see messages to and/or from other Vendors. Buyers will be notified of new Vendor messages via email. It's important to note that only Project Owners can respond to Vendors through Opportunity Q&A; no other user role is able to respond. 

NOTE:  Aside from the Project Owner, only Project Observers, Department Managers, and Org Admins will be able to view the Q&A section. Reviewers and Advisors cannot view the Q&A.

The Q&A period can be edited under the Project Details --> Actions --> Edit Schedule

The Opportunity Q&A can be viewed under the Messages section. 

You can now start new conversations with All Vendors, All Active Vendors (Vendors that have interacted with your project), All Work-in-Progress Vendors or All Eliminated Vendors. You can attach files to your responses by clicking on Attach FileVendors can also attach files in their questions if you toggle on Vendor Attachments.


In the sample screenshot below we have two Vendors that have submitted questions during the Evaluation Stage that still require action (need a response). It also highlights the ability to filter messages, start new Opportunity Q&A threads, attach files in messages to Vendors, and toggle the ability for Vendors to attach files in their messages.


Opportunity Q&A emails are automatically queued and sent once every half-hour (30 minutes), and cannot be edited or deleted once sent.

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