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Commodity Codes for Buyers

Any vendors that have matching commodity codes with your projects will receive an automated email listing of projects "recommended" for them.

NOTE: A Vendor only matches with a Project if the Commodity Codes are an exact match OR if the Project's Commodity Codes are at a higher level (less specificity) than the Vendor's Commodity Codes. A match will also only be possible if the Commodity Codes are added prior to the Project opening.

NOTE: Bonfire utilizes the international UNSPSC commodity code standard by default.

To add Commodity Codes to your project, go to the Project Details page for your project and then scroll down to the Commodity Codes section and click the Show icon:


You can then search for relevant commodity codes via the search bar, or enter the digits under the Code box if you already know the code you want to use. Once you enter in the code for either one, matching codes will populate in the table below. You can then add relevant codes to your project by clicking the + icon next to each code. If you hover over a code, a description of the code will be provided.


Commodity Codes you select for your project will also appear as a list on the opportunity page and will be viewable by Vendors.

If you are a Vendor and would like to know how to add Commodity Codes to your own profile, please see our page on Adding and Deleting Commodity Codes on your Vendor Record.

NOTE: If you are an Organizational Administrator and need to change your Commodity Codeset, please contact your Client Success Manager or the Bonfire Support Team.

Bonfire Support Hours: Monday - Friday 8:00am - 8:00pm EST