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Contracts - Terms and Change Orders

Terms and Change Orders is a feature in Bonfire's Contract Management module that allows a user to create and track terms and change orders in a contract. 

You can create a change order on an existing contract under the Terms & Change Orders section. Let's take a closer look at a sample contract (with 3 existing terms defined):


From this modal, you have the ability to add additional terms under the "+ Add Term" button. 


Once a contract term expires, you can activate the following term by simply click on the button as below:


To add a change order, ensure you have the correct term in context. From here, click on "+Add Change Order". 

From the Add Change Order window, you will see it is separated into 2 sides.

The left side (New Contract Values) allows you to modify the existing variables ($ value, start/end dates) by clicking on the text boxes. Clicking on a date will bring up the calendar date picker allowing you to select a new date.

The right side (Change to Contract Values) allows you to enter the values in relation to the original values by entering in the dollar value (increase/decrease) or the increase/decrease in weeks for a given date.



Making changes on one side will automatically update and be reflected on the other side.

Here's an example of a change order where we modify the contract value from $46,668 to $50,000 (an increase of $3,332) and extend the contract end date by 12 weeks:


After adding a change order and saving it, you will see it appear below the original active term. In this case, we added a change order to term 1 so we will see our change order appear in a new row designated as "1.1".  


You have the option to delete the change order (trashbin icon) or modify existing values inline by clicking on the applicable table values.


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