Issuing an Addendum

A project may require a change while the project is still in the open stage (accepting submissions) which would impact your vendors and their submission.

In this article, we will take a look at the process for issuing an addendum and also for notifying the vendors impacted by the change.

The process of issuing an addendum starts with uploading the addendum as a Public File

Navigate to the Files section:




Click on Upload and select Public File. If you do not see this option please reach out to [email protected] to have technical support enable it for you in the backend.



Internal Files are strictly only viewable by internal users (assigned Evaluators, Project Managers, or Org Admins).

After selecting Public File, the "Upload Public File" window opens. Here you can select the file you wish to upload and tag it as an "Addenda" document:




After you have successfully uploaded your addendum document, you will see it appear under the Files→Public tab.

From here you can click on the corresponding Actions button if you wish to Edit/Delete/Download the file in question:


If you wish to see what the addenda looks like from the vendor point-of-view, click Preview on Portal » link at the top of the project page:


So now you've uploaded the addendum documentation, you need to reach out and notify your vendor of the changes. Bonfire has an internal feature built just for that in our Public Notice feature.

Public Notices are messages that are visible to anyone who can view the opportunity. All vendors that have interacted with the project will be notified via email when you send a new Public Notice

The Public Notices are located under the Messages section. To create a new Public Notice click on the "Create a new Public Notice" button.




For more details about the Public Notice feature please view our support article here.


If you have any further questions please reach out to us at [email protected].

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