Anonymous Submissions

Anonymous Submissions will hide the Vendor's information in Bonfire from view until you are ready to reveal it.

NOTE: When running anonymous projects, you will need to inform vendors not to provide any identifying details in their submissions beyond registering for their account. Bonfire DOES NOT automatically remove identifying vendor details in the submission contents itself.

Anonymous submissions are toggled on/off at the project level under Edit Project -> Configurations. Bonfire Support must enable this feature for you in the backend (please contact


When you receive submissions, the vendor names will be randomized as shown below:


Please note that strictly the supplier name is anonymized. The received timestamp of their submission along with the number of pages in their submission documents will still be visible.

When you are ready to de-anonymize a particular supplier, click on the Actions button and select De-Anonymize as shown below.


Please note that once you De-Anonymize a submission it cannot be undone.


Once a submission has been de-anonymized, you will be able to see the supplier's name and the anonymous reference number it was previously attached to:


If you are looking to run a project specifically for Best Value Procurement, please click here.

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