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Auto-Scoring Questionnaires

Auto-scoring allows your Reviewers to automatically score Questionnaires with a click of a button.

You can Auto-Score a Questionnaire based on the way vendors responded to your questions. To do this you will need to first define what score the vendor should receive based on their responses. We suggest this be done while you are creating the Questionnaire.

NOTE: This feature must be enabled by Bonfire Support in the backend. Contact us at if you wish to enable it.

In this article we will cover the following:

Pre-Defined Auto-Scoring Percentages

Bulk Edit Questions

Setting up Auto-Scoring for Reviewers

Pre-Defined Auto-Scoring Percentages

First, let's look at pre-defining the scoring percentages for a single question. With a Questionnaire in context, the first step will be to create a question by clicking on the Add Question button.


The Add Question box will pop open. As shown below you will see a Vendor Response Options section and a checkbox to Define auto-scoring points allocation

Define auto-scoring points allocation allows you to optionally assign each Vendor Response Option a percentage of the total points, which will be used to auto-score a question. Vendors will not see these point allocation.

In the example below the Vendor Response Options are Fully Complaint, Partially Compliant or Non-Compliant.

Under the % of Total Points Allocated column, you can allocate a percentage of the point value to each response option.

In the example below, if a vendor is Fully Compliant they will receive 100% of the 4 points allocated. If they're Partially Compliant they'll receive 50% (2 points) and 0 points if they're Non-Compliant.


Bulk Edit Questions

While you can set-up the auto-scoring per question, you can also use the Bulk Edit Question button to define the scoring percentages for many questions at once. The example below will illustrate the steps.

Select the questions you wish to bulk edit via the checkboxes. For this example, we'll select 5 questions.

After selecting your questions, click on the Bulk Edit Questions button. 

Any changes you make under Bulk Edit Questions will impact all questions that were previously selected.

We'll go ahead and define auto-scoring points allocation for the 5 questions selected:


Setting up Auto-Scoring for Reviewers

As a project owner, you can always give your reviewers the option to Auto-Score under Criteria → Manage. To do this we would suggest the following.

  1. Go to the Criteria section.
  2. Click on the Manage button.
  3. Toggle on the Auto-Scoring feature.

NOTE: Checking off Auto-Scoring only enables the option for Reviewers to use Auto-Score. This will not apply scores automatically on behalf of the Reviewer. 

Next, the reviewer will need to open their scorecard. This is done under the Submissions section as indicated below.

The Scorecard should now appear for the specific vendor being scored. As shown below you will need to click on Score Questions after picking the Question Set to be scored.

From the side-by-side view, you will notice the Auto-Score button as well as a Filter Questions button as shown below.

The Filter Questions button will allow you to filter which question sets are displayed.

The Auto-Score button will allow the user to score all questions that have been filtered. You can quickly check this by looking at the bottom of the screen. In the example above, 68 questions are about to be auto-scored.

In our example, the questions to be auto-scored contain a mix of 3 distinct selections of auto-scoreable questions: 

  1. Fully Compliant / Partially Compliant / Non-Compliant
  2. Yes / No
  3. Available / Requires Work / Not Available

There is also a Comment box for reviewers which enables them to assign scoring comments in bulk for each set of questions being auto-scored.

Bonfire automatically inserts a generic scoring comment outlining the auto-scoring methodology that was applied. Once the auto-score has been completed, the comment will be attached to all questions that were auto-scored. You will be able to edit these comments if required.

The reviewer inputs the percentage of the point value that is to be assigned to each question. For instance, if the questions were out of 4 points each, then a question that was answered as "Fully Compliant" will receive 4 points, "Partially Compliant" will receive 2 points, and so forth. Once you have entered in your desired percentages on each response type, you will click on Auto-Score button as shown above. 

After completing an Auto-Score, your scoring progress will be updated immediately. If you click on any of the scored questions within the scorecard, you will see the comments section has been updated with the comments generated from the Auto-Score. This comment section can also be edited as shown below.

To learn more about Questionnaires check out our guide on creating a Questionnaire by clicking here

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