How do I amend a Vendor's BidTable response?

In order to amend a BidTable, you'll first need to open up your Order List. From there, you can open the vendor-specific view by clicking the fourth right-most icon under the vendor's name, which will reveal all of that vendor's responses:

A new section will appear at the bottom of the page. Click the pencil icon beside the line item whose response you'd like to edit:

This will bring up a screen where you can add a response. You'll be required to fill out any and all Vendor Columns from the vendor's BidTable Template:

After clicking Add, you'll see that the response with the amended information has been added to the list underneath the current response. In order to have the amendment appear in the overall BidTable view, you can activate the new response by clicking on the upward arrow under the Actions column:

Upon clicking the arrow, a dialog message will ask if you're sure:

Once you click OK, your amended response will now be active and appear as the primary response:

NOTE: This change only applies to the current reviewer's Order List. If multiple reviewers are assigned to evaluate the BidTable, then the amended response exists in the system for each Order List, but it needs to be changed to be the primary response for each one. The Project Owner can make this change on behalf of all reviewers as long as they've already created their Order List (see our How to Evaluate a Project with a BidTable page).

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