Assigning Individual Questions to Evaluation Groups

Typically, entire Question Sets are assigned to one Evaluation Group for review. However, if you wish to be more specific in your Questionnaire Evaluation process, you can assign individual questions to Evaluation Groups as well. This can be done when creating a question, when editing an existing question, or when bulk editing questions. (To learn about setting up a Questionnaire in general, check out our How do I set up a Questionnaire? guide.)

NOTE: When you assign an individual question to an Evaluation Group, that question will only apply to that Evaluation Group and no others.

Assigning New Questions

Navigate to your Questionnaire and click on Add Question. You will see the Evaluation Group option at the top of the modal that appears:


You'll be presented with a dropdown menu from which you can select the Evaluation Group that you want to assign the question to:


Assigning Existing Questions 

You can assign existing questions to Evaluation Groups individually, in a similar fashion to assigning new questions. As seen in the image below, you can select the pencil icon next to a question to edit it, in this case, question 1.0.1:


From the Edit Question modal that appears, simply select your Evaluation Group from the dropdown under the Evaluation Group heading:


This question will now only be visible to the Evaluation Group that you have assigned it to.

Bulk Assigning Questions

You can also choose to assign multiple questions to an Evaluation Group at once. You can do this by selecting the questions you wish to assign via the checkboxes on the left side of the table, and clicking on the Bulk Edit Questions button:


The following popup will appear. Check off the Change Evaluation Group box and then select the Evaluation Group that you want the questions to be assigned to:


After Assigning Individual Questions

Once you assign an individual question to an Evaluation Group, you will no longer be able to assign the entire Question Set when managing Criteria. As seen in the image below, you won't be able to select an Evaluation Group and an explanation will appear when hovering over the N/A:


If you individually assign questions, a tooltip will be shown under the Reviewer Scores tab as well. You can hover over the question set that the assigned question was a part of to view it. In this case, the tooltip shows the worth (in points) of the questions each reviewer is scoring, out of the total amount of points for the question set.  


Another tooltip can be seen in the Scoring Summary tab which is similar to the one above. When you hover over the point value for a Question Set for one of the Evaluation Groups, the tooltip will tell you the worth (in points) of the questions that were assigned to this Evaluation Group.


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