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Commodity Code Matching - Org. Service Regions

When a buyer lists commodity codes on a project, there are two "filters" that are applied to determine whether a vendor is notified of the project:

  1. Do the codes the vendor has registered with match the codes that the buyer has tagged on the project?
  2. Is the buying organization located in a service region that the vendor has included as a region that they are interested in?

It is important that a Bonfire portal is only tagged with service regions that correspond to their physical location(s). The two cases below illustrate why a portal should only be tagged based on physical location:

Normal Case:

Organization is Located in Ontario

Organization Service Region

Vendor Service Regions







A match is made based on the Ontario location and Commodity code!


Fringe Case (Bad):

Organization is Located in Ontario, and has no need for goods and services in Alberta.

Organization Service Regions

Vendor Service Regions


British Columbia





A match is made based on the Alberta location and commodity code, but the vendor has never indicated that they will work in Ontario.


You can see that in the second example, the vendor has been spammed with an opportunity notification that isn't useful to them. As long as the buying organization's portal is only tagged with service regions associated with their physical location(s), we avoid the second example and Bonfire doesn't spam vendors.


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