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Creating a Submission

The process of creating a submission in Bonfire as a Vendor is quite simple. This article outlines the steps a Vendor will take to submit their bid.

Upon navigating to an Organization's Bonfire portal, you will see three different tabs.

The Login tab allows you to log in with your email and password if you've already set up a Vendor account with Bonfire.


The Open Public Opportunities tab will display each of the projects that the Organization is currently running:


The Past Public Opportunities tab is optionally set up by the Organization; if opted for, it will display associated projects that have already closed.


To create a new vendor account, refer to the Vendor Registration article, which provides a step-by-step breakdown of the registration process.

Bidding on Opportunities

You will now see a new tab at the top of the portal entitled My Opportunities. This tab will display any invitational projects you've been invited to or any other projects for which you've already started/completed a submission. 

Under the Open Public Opportunities tab, click View Opportunity beside the project you would like to view:


Once you've navigated to a project, you will be able to see the project Open Date, the Questions Due date (if the Organization has it enabled), and the project Closing Date.


Below that, you can view all Requested Information for the opportunity. This area informs you of the file type you will be submitting, the number of files you are permitted to submit, and whether the information is required or optional.

For BidTables and Questionnaires, you will need to download the purchaser-created template in order to finish your submission.


Below this section, within the Messages section, you will see two tabs; Public Notices is like a bulletin board and will cover any changes/new information that the buyer wants to make vendors aware of. In the event that there are numerous public notices, you can use the Search bar to search for keywords and filter down your results.


If enabled for the portal, under Opportunity Q&A, Vendors have the opportunity to ask questions to the Buyer leading up to the questions due date (outlined above). You can begin a new conversation by clicking Start a new Opportunity Q&A.


From there, you can make a subject line, type your message, and then click Send. The Buyer will be able to respond to this question within the Opportunity Q&A section on their project page.


Once the buyer has responded, you will be notified by email. You will see their response appear below your question in this same section on the Bonfire portal.


At the bottom of this page, you will see a button that allows you to Prepare Your Submission. Click this button when you are ready to do so.


Preparing Your Submission

This will direct you to the submission page. You will see the current time, the closing time, and a numeric value for days remaining. You will also see your information below, which you can change at any time by clicking Edit Contact Info


Under Step 1: Provide Submission Information, you will be able to upload all documents for this project by clicking Upload File, and uploading the corresponding document from your computer. Ensure that you select the correct file type. You are still able to download BidTable and Questionnaire templates in this stage, by clicking the download icon in that section. You will also fill out any requested data slots as well as True/False fields. 

Remember, BidTables and Questionnaires must be uploaded with the matching code (indicated in parentheses) from the template, or else you will receive an error message. Once you have uploaded your files appropriately, you will receive green validation circles to the left of each section and may proceed.


From there, you can proceed to Step 2: Submit & Finalize. Before you submit, you must check the box indicating that you understand that you cannot change submission details once the project closes. From there, click Submit & Finalize my Submission.

Note that until the close date is reached, you can change any of the details of your submission. 

Submission Receipt

This will direct you to the submission receipt page, which provides a comprehensive breakdown of all the information from your submission (you will also be emailed all of this information). If you did not receive this email, you can click Send Email at the bottom of the page to have it re-sent.

By scrolling down, you will see a number of options on this page. You are given the option to Return to Portal Listing, and view more bid opportunities; Provide Feedback to the buyer regarding your submission experience, or un-submit your submission to go back and make changes. If you elect to revise your submission at any time, remember that you will need to re-submit and finalize your submission for it to be considered; past submissions that have been un-submitted will not be reviewed by the buyer. See Can I un-submit my bid once it has been submitted and finalized? for more information.


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