How can I export a vendor list from a project?

After your project has entered the Evaluating stage or has been Completed, you may need a list of contact information for a certain subset of Vendors that submitted to the project (e.g., the awarded Vendors). Here are some step-by-step instructions in order to do this:

Making a Vendor List from Desired Vendors

Start by navigating to the Project in question, and scroll down to the Submissions tab. Click the tab to expand it and then click the Bulk Actions button, which will expand to reveal the Manage Vendor Lists button, which you will then click.

Once you've done this, another screen will appear where you will click which Vendors you'd like to add to the list. This could include the vendors that you've awarded within the project or any other vendors that you wanted to include. After you've selected them, choose a Vendor List that you'd like to add them to (if you type text into the field, you can create a new one there - All Bidders for "X" Bid, for example). 

Once you've selected (or created) your desired Vendor List, click the Add button to proceed. Next, we'll move on to filtering and downloading your list.

Filtering and Downloading the Desired Vendor List

Now that you've set up your list, navigate to the Vendors tab in the black bar along the top of the page. Click the Vendor Records section of the page to expand it and then press the Filter button to select which vendor lists are shown.

Once you've selected your desired list, you can click the Download button and it will download the information as a spreadsheet with the information shown.

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