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How do I change my email address?

As a Vendor

This video will show you how to change your Vendor account email:  


You can update your email address on your own via the Bonfire Settings page. First log into the portal you registered with (will be a link that looks like "" or ""), and then click Settings in the top banner. Then in the sidebar, click the Email and Password tab and enter your new email in under Change Your Email.

Click the Change button when done. Please note that you will have to enter your current password in order to change your email successfully. Once the change is made, you will have to confirm your email address again.

Please also make sure you update the Contact Email under the Organization Vendor Record and Global Vendor Record.



Note: This method of changing email addresses do not apply to Premium Vendors. If you are a Premium Vendor and wish to change your email address, please contact Bonfire Support at

As a Buyer/Reviewer

This video will show you how to change your Buyer or Reviewer account email: 


If you are a buyer/reviewer and your organization has changed your email domain, you can change your email address following similar instructions as above. However, once you click Settings in the top banner, you will by default land on the Email and Password tab automatically.


By default, you will land on the Email and Password tab. Again, enter your new email in under Change Your Email, then type in your updated email as well as your current password, and click the Change button.

Please note that this must be done individually by the account holder. Organization Administrators do not have access to make these changes through the Manage -> Users section of their portal, and at this time there is not a way to automatically bulk update users' email addresses.


Bonfire Support Hours: Monday - Friday 8:00am - 8:00pm EST