How do I change my email address (for Vendors)?

You can update your email address on your own via the Bonfire Settings page.

You will need to update your email across three sections in your Settings: 

  1. Email and Password
  2. Organization Vendor Record
  3. Global Vendor Record

Email and Password

1. First, log into the portal you registered with (ex. ""), click the chevron beside your name at the top-right corner of the page, then click Settings.


2. On the sidebar, click the Email and Password tab.  Input your new email under New Email followed by your Password. Once both fields are populated, check I'm not a robot followed by Change.


4. Upon clicking Change, you will receive the following message, "You'll receive an email with further instructions".


5. A confirmation email will be sent to your new email. The email will come from with the subject line: Bonfire Email Change. This will prompt you to confirm the email change. From the email, click on Update Email


6. Once you click Update Email, you will be redirected to the following message, "Email changed successfully!".


You will receive an email confirmation of the change as well. It will be sent to your new email and your old email will be cc'd. 

Organization Vendor Record

You have now changed your account login email! However, this will not change the email address displayed within Bonfire to buyers and other users. To change this, update the Contact Email fields under the Organization Vendor Record and Global Vendor Record tabs:


Global Vendor Record


Please note that if you are registered with several organizations on Bonfire, you will have to log into each organization's portal and edit the Contact Email field under the Organization Vendor Record for every organization you're registered with.

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