How do I fill out a Questionnaire template?

On the Project Details page you should see a Download button (under the Requested Information section) allowing you to download a copy of the Questionnaire template:

Once you open the template you will notice that the Excel spreadsheet will contain at least 3 different tabs/sheets:

  1. Instructions
  2. Summary
  3. Question Sets - Numbered Tabs (1, 2, 3, etc.)


Please read the Instructions tab carefully before proceeding.

NOTE: The Questionnaire template can only be filled out with Microsoft Office Excel! If you attempt to fill it out with any other software (including Microsoft Excel: Mac and any other software that exports in .xlsx format), you will receive an error when attempting to upload your file. 

Under the Summary tab, you will see a summary of completion for your Questionnaire Template. Each numbered Question Set is quantified with the number of questions, as well as the percentage of completion for each. There is also a Progress Bar for each set that will fill in with green when completed. When all questions in a set are completed, the bar to the right of the Progress Bar will also turn green, representing the completion of that Question Set. This can be seen in the screenshot below:

Only when all sections are completed and all progress bar segments are green can the Questionnaire Template be uploaded successfully. This bar fills up based on completion of the Numbered Tabs representing the Question Sets in the Questionnaire.

Under the Question Set numbered tabs, you will fill in your responses for all the questions in that set. Questionnaires are set up with two different response columns: Response and Comment.

The purpose of the Response column is for you to select the best answer from a drop-down menu that was provided by the Buyer. When you click a cell in the Response column, you will see a small arrow (seen in the screenshot below) that when clicked will reveal a drop-down menu with options populated by the Buyer for you to select from. 

The Comment column is where you may be requested to provide more detail or an explanation; a text-based answer you would type in. In the below example for the first question, the Buyer has indicated that a response Comment is required, therefore you will have to input a Comment for that question in order to complete the Questionnaire template. For the second question, the Buyer has indicated that the Comment cell should be left blank.

You may see some questions where there is a hyphen or dash in the Response column:

This indicates there is no drop-down menu with responses for that column. You will need to provide a freeform response either in the Response cell or the Comment cell. A response in either column will satisfy the response requirement

NOTE: If you are copying & pasting responses or comments from another file, make sure you are pasting into the formula bar and not the cell directly. Doing so may cause formatting issues and render your Questionnaire template invalid. Questionnaire responses or comments are also limited to text responses only, images are unable to be processed to be correctly displayed within the Questionnaire format. 

If you are having issues with "protected cells" in your Questionnaire Template, please see Why is the Questionnaire protected?

Once you've completed all the questions in the Questionnaire, you can confirm that it's been filled out correctly by navigating back to the Summary tab. You will see that all progress bars, as well as segments on their right, are filled in with green. 

Remember to save your file with the answers so you can then upload it to Bonfire and provide the buyer with your answers!

NOTE: If you find that you're experiencing upload errors with the template even though your Summary shows 100% completed, please try downloading a fresh copy of the template and filling that out, as the buyer may have changed something between when you first downloaded the template and when you attempted to upload.

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