Who has access to eliminated submissions?

Once a Vendor has been eliminated, the eliminated vendor's submission will show up under "Show the Eliminated Submission" in the Submissions section on your portal, as well as the Scoring Summary section, depending on your user role. 

From the Reviewer's/Evaluator's and Advisor's perspective, they can see that a proposal has been eliminated and the reason why, but they don't have access to the documents of the eliminated proposal: 



The Project Owner and any Observers will be able to view an eliminated vendor's submission documents under the Submissions section. 

For an additional view to the above for the Project Owner and Observers, the eliminated proposals can be viewed by clicking on the supplier name under Scoring Summary, which will open up this view:


For more info on how to eliminate a Vendor, please see this article: How do I eliminate/disqualify a vendor?

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