How do I edit an existing Questionnaire?

To edit a Questionnaire you've already created, navigate to your Requested Information page and click on Questionnaires. Click on Actions -> Edit for the applicable Questionnaire.

This will bring you back to the Questionnaire creation interface where you can make your changes. Once in the Questionnaire, you can edit questions individually or Bulk Edit several questions at once. 


NOTE: If you need to create a new Questionnaire please check out this article

Individual Editing

Questions can be edited individually by clicking on the pencil icon in the Actions column. The pencil icon is adjacent to the applicable question.


This opens the Edit Question modal where you can edit the question's information. 


Bulk Editing

Should you have a group of questions that you would like to edit simultaneously, you can edit them in bulk. Checkmark the boxes (in the far left column) to select the questions you wish to edit. Then, select Bulk Edit Questions at the top of the Questionnaire editing module.


Select which aspects you would like to edit by check-marking the applicable attributes. Any edits you make will then be applied to all of the questions that were checked-marked. Click Save to update these changes.


Editing During Open Stages of a Project 

You will receive the following message when editing a Questionnaire if there are Work-in-Progress or Completed submissions:


"Warning: You are changing a Questionnaire for an Open Project and there are in-progress or completed submissions. You may make changes, however, this may change the Vendor Response Template. If you add or change a Question, Question Set or Subset, Vendor Response Options, Response Option Comment Requirements, or the Title or Description of the Questionnaire then you will invalidate at least 9 Vendor Response Templates. Changing the Points or Description associated with a Question, the Auto-scoring, or Order of a Question will not invalidate existing templates."

Once you finalize and save edits to a Questionnaire template, you will receive the following message:


"You have changed the Vendor Response Template; this means that any vendor that has already downloaded the template needs to download the new version before they can complete their submission. You must issue a public notice to inform them of this."

NOTE: Any changes made to the Questionnaire with the Project in the Open stage will invalidate the Vendor Response Template. Notifications of any changes are NOT automatic. If your change requires action on the Vendor's part, we recommend issuing a Public Notice for Vendors to download the updated template.

If a Vendor is trying to upload an outdated template, they will receive an error message which prompts them to download the updated Questionnaire template:


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