How do I edit an existing Questionnaire?

You can edit a questionnaire at any time by selecting Edit in the Actions menu to the right of the Questionnaire you wish to edit.

This will bring you back to the Questionnaire creation interface where you can make your changes. 

NOTE: If there are Work-in-Progress or Completed submissions when you chose to edit the Questionnaire, you will receive the following warning:

Any changes made to the Questionnaire with the Project in the Open stage will invalidate the Vendor Response Template. Notifications of any changes are NOT automatic. If your change requires action on the Vendor's part, we recommend issuing a Public Notice for Vendors to download the updated template.

If a Vendor is trying to upload an outdated template, they will receive an error message which prompts them to download the updated questionnaire template:

Once in the Questionnaire, you can individually edit questions one at a time or you can Bulk Edit a bunch of questions at once.

Individual Editing

Questions can be edited individually by clicking on the pencil icon in the Actions column beside the question you would like to edit:

This opens up the Edit Question modal where you can edit all of the question information that you have set up, and you can select which Evaluation Group you wish to assign this individual question to.

Bulk Editing

Should you have a group of questions that you would like to edit all at once, you can edit them in bulk. Check off the boxes (in the far left column) to select the questions you wish to edit. Then, select Bulk Edit Questions at the top of the Questionnaire editing module.

Any edits you make will then be applied to all of the questions that were checked off. Here you can also bulk assign the selected questions to an Evaluation Group by checking off Change Evaluation Group:

To learn more about Questionnaires check out our guide on creating a Questionnaire by clicking here 

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