Why am I receiving an error when inputting Additional Responses for a BidTable?

The Additional Responses tab is where you can provide additional responses to items already listed in the Primary Responses tab. The Additional Responses tab only permits you to fill out the # Column and any Vendor Columns set out by the Buyer.

If you are receiving errors, it most likely means the Item # does not correspond to an Item already listed in the Primary Responses or there is missing information.

Ensure that you are inputting the Item # in the Column exactly as it appears in the Primary Responses. Once you populate the Item # and fill in the designated Vendor Columns, the error will change to "Success: All provided". 

In the example below the Vendor would like to provide an additional response for Item #0-01 A3 Paper


The Vendor receives an error since the Item # does not match up with the Item # in the Primary Responses tab. Note how the Item and Quantity Required information populates with #N/A


Inputting the Item # exactly as it appears in the Primary Responses will automatically populate the Item's information. The Vendor can then fill in their additional responses for the Vendor Columns indicated by the darker shade of blue. 



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