How do I register as a Reviewer?

NOTE: The process for registering as a Reviewer must be initiated by a Project Owner and occurs on an invite-only basis. (Project Owners, please see How do I add a Reviewer to a Project?)

Once the Project Owner has invited you to the project they want you to evaluate, you will receive an email, similar to the email below, that will invite you to Accept the Invitation to review. 

If you haven't received an email, please get in touch with the Project Owner as they are the only one with the authorization to send you the invite.

Please note that this invitation will expire after 24 hours. If the invite does expire, please direct the Project Owner to the following article: How can I resend the invitation to a Reviewer? 

If you are a first-time Bonfire user, you will be taken to a registration page, similar to the one below.

Please note that for anyone who already has a registered account, the Accept the Invitation button will instead say View the Project and will direct you to a login page instead of the registration page. 

Once the registration form is completed you will be taken to a Registration Confirmation page. You'll need to hit Send Account Confirmation Email.


For security purposes, the life of the Confirm Account button on the email you receive (visible below) is 12 hours. If 12 hours pass, you'll need to log back into your Bonfire account where you will automatically be taken to the above page to resend your confirmation email. 



After you hit Confirm Account you will be automatically directed to the project you were invited to.



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