Contracts Bulk Adding/Updating/Removing People

You can edit the people assigned to multiple contracts simultaneously on the Contracts Dashboard page using the Bulk Actions dropdown menu in the top right corner.



Adding or Editing People

To add or edit people to several contracts at once, select the checkboxes next to the contracts you'd like to edit and then click Add or Update People. You can then add people either by selecting them from the dropdown list or typing in their email address:


From this screen, you can also indicate whether the people you're adding can just view the contracts or edit them. If you want a person to be able to edit the selected contracts, check the box next to Full Control.

You can also apply a label to the person (e.g., their job title) and indicate whether they will automatically receive reminders for when the contract is about to end.

Once all these details have been filled out, click the Add button in the bottom centre of the window. This will allow you to begin filling out details for another person. You can repeat this process for as many people as you'd like to add and then click Save in the bottom right corner when you've added all the appropriate people.

Note: When you bulk add someone to multiple contracts they will receive one single email listing the contracts they've now been added to.

Removing People

To remove people from several contracts, select the checkboxes next to the contracts you'd like to edit and then click Remove People. A list of all the people assigned to all the selected contracts will populate. Simply mark the checkboxes next to the names you'd like removed and then click the Continue button.


A list of all the people you've checked off will appear for confirmation. Click Remove if you want to make the changes or Cancel to go back.





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