Project Visibility Types

Bonfire gives the option of running either Public, Private or Invite-Only projects. This article will help you understand the key differences between these Project Types.

Visibility Types of Projects:

  1. Public Projects
  2. Private (Unlisted) Projects
  3. Invite Only Projects

Public Projects

Public Projects are those that appear on your Public Portal and are visible to any vendor who arrives at your Public Portal's URL. 

This feature is set up as the default whenever you Create a new Project.

Private (Unlisted) Projects

Private Projects are hidden from the Public Portal and can only be accessed by vendors who possess a unique encrypted link.

They differ from Invite Only Projects in that vendors without an invitation can also access the bid as long as they have the Project link.



NOTE: Vendors that have been invited to a Private Project will only be able to access the opportunity through the original unique link. The only exception to this is if the vendor has been invited to the Private project; in this case, the project will also show up under their My Opportunities tab.

(For more information on Private Projects, please see our Private (Unlisted) Projects page).

Invite Only Projects

Invite Only projects are not listed on the Public Portal. When sending your invites, you have the option to limit the access to exact email addresses or expand to email addresses within one domain. 

Only those emails invited to participate in the Project will have access to it. The vendors invited will be able to View the Opportunity through the My Opportunities section:


(For more information on Invite Only Projects, see Listing - Vendor Invites & Invite Only Projects)

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