How do I change the language in my declarations?

Sometimes you may have a project with a unique Conflict of Interest or Non-Disclosure Agreement from your standard declaration template. If you'd like to make changes to a single project's Declaration(s), you can do so following the steps below:

1. Delete the existing Declaration you'd like to modify by clicking Actions -> Delete (Project COI / Project NDA / Opportunity NDA):


A dialog box will appear asking you to confirm the deletion, click OK to proceed. In the example below we're deleting and modifying the COI:


2. Add the modified Declaration by clicking Actions -> Add (Project COI / Project NDA / Opportunity NDA):


3. A pop-up will appear with a text box filled in with the default declaration language; you can make any modifications to your declaration here and then click the Add Declaration button. Please note that Bonfire uses Markdown formatting.


Once the new Declaration has been added to your project, you can preview how it will appear to other users. To preview the COI or the Project NDA (for your Reviewers), go to the People section and click Declarations, then Preview Declaration next to the corresponding heading:


To preview the Opportunity NDA (for your Vendors), go to the Submissions section, then click the Non-Disclosure tab. From there, click the Preview Declaration button:


NOTE: This article only applies to changes to Declarations on a per-project basis. If you would like to modify the language in any of your Declarations templates (i.e., the text that appears by default), please reach out to your Bonfire account manager or Bonfire Support so that these changes can be made for you. Any changes made to your Declarations templates will only apply to all newly created projects going forward, so please specify if you want a changed Declaration to apply to a particular existing project.

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