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Bulk Import Contract Template

You can import your own Contract templates into Bonfire. This article will walk you through on how to do so. 

NOTE: Only Contracts - Organization Managers will have this option. (For more information see User Roles in Bonfire)

You will see the option from the Contract Dashboard:

You will be able to Bulk Import your Contract from this window.

You can also download a Bulk Import Template. This is helpful as it will give you a guide on how the information should be laid out.

You only have to fill the columns that are Required: 

  • Contract: the title of the contract.
  • Contract Type: you can select the type of contract from the dropdown list (if applicable). These are defined by the Org Admin.
  • Department: the dropdown menu populates departments that exist within your Organization within Bonfire.
  • Vendor: select an existing Vendor/Supplier or type a value to create a new one.
  • Lead Time (days): how much lead time you need (in days) before the contract ends.
  • Renewable: label the contract as Renewable; this will behave similarly to a tag which then becomes a searchable field.
    • You can check the Automatically change to next term box in order to automatically renew the contract based on the next available term.
    • NOTE: this is only a label and does NOT automatically extend the contract. Extendable: label the contract as Extendable; this will behave similarly to a tag which then becomes a searchable field. You can define the extension periods once the contract is created.

For the optional columns, you can simply delete them from the template if you do not need to use them.

Below we have some sample Contract Template in an Excel document laid out. We wish to import this Contract Template.

Bulk Import Contract Template - Step 1

This step involves us highlighting all the data from our Excel sheet in the example above, copying, then pasting it into the Bulk Import text box as shown below. At this stage do not be overly concerned with how the pasted data does not align nor will it appear to be properly formatted. 

Click Step 2...

Bulk Import Contract Template - Step 2

This step requires you to match the columns of the data you just imported. Do so by clicking on the drop-down boxes and selecting the matching fields from the Contract template. The items available in the drop-down may vary slightly depending on the number of columns imported. 

Once mapped, click Step 3 If something is missing or input wrong, you will be able to go back and correct it.

If everything is correct, you will be able to click on Step 4 to finalize and Import your Template!

And you are done! Step 5 will display the finalized Imported Template for you, and you will have the option to import more Contracts if you wish to do so.

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