How do I delete a BidTable?

To delete a BidTable from your project, navigate to the Requested Information section, click Actions -> Delete for the corresponding BidTable. It is recommended that you delete BidTables prior to the project going live or before any templates are downloaded. 


You will not be able to delete a BidTable if vendors have already uploaded it as part of their submission(s). You will receive the following message:


In these cases, we recommend renaming the BidTable something such as "Expired - Do Not Use" by going to the BidTables section, clicking Actions -> Edit, and then Actions -> Edit BidTable.

You can also change the file requirement from Required to Optional, so vendors won't have to include the BidTable as part of their submission. You can do this by clicking the Manage button in the Requested Information section.


Remember to issue a Public Notice so that your vendors are aware of the change! (See Public Notices.)

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