I am an Advisor/Reviewer/Observer, where do I find the NDA and COI forms?

In some cases, as a Reviewer/Advisor/Observer for a Project, you may be required to sign Declarations before being granted access to project information. Declarations are Non-disclosure or Conflict of Interest forms required by the purchasing organization before you may access specific documentation.

You will be able to find these forms once you try to view the Submissions for the Project. Click the Declarations button in the orange banner that appears:


Please note that in order for the orange banner to be visible, the Project must have reached the Evaluating stage and the Project Owner must have released your Evaluation Group.

If you are unable to correctly sign the Declarations, please ensure you have entered your first and last names exactly as entered in your Settings. If you do not have a last or first name associated with your account, please add your name prior to attempting to sign the Declaration. You can find more information about changing your name here: Account Settings Overview (for Internal Users)

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