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How do I update the documents on my vendor profile after registration?

Some purchasing organizations require that certain documents, such as certifications, be uploaded to your vendor record on Bonfire before you can bid on opportunities. 

These documents will often be required when you set up your account for the first time. If a document expires, or if you want to add a document after the registration process has been completed, you can manage your documents using the following steps:

1. Sign into the purchasing portal and click on Settings in the top left of your display.

2. Once you've clicked settings you can then click on Organization Vendor Record in the sidebar and then the Documents tab. You should then be able to see what documents can be uploaded and click the Upload File... button to enter or replace a document.


3. After clicking Upload File... you will be able to search your computer for the file you wish to upload and select the date the file would expire (if applicable) then click Upload to save. 


If you'd like to delete any of the documents, click x file(s) uploaded (where x is the number of files) and then Actions -> Delete. A confirmation will pop up; click OK to proceed:

NOTE: You will receive email notifications for documents that are expiring within 30 days and documents that have already expired. This notification will be sent out every 15 days.



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