My Reviewers are getting the error "No project criteria are available to you at this point in the evaluation". (Solved by Mapping Criteria)


Reviewers have advised that they can see the Vendors' submissions, however, when they are trying to go into their Scorecard, the following message appears:



You have mapped the correct Requested Information to your Reviewer, however, you have not yet created or mapped the Criteria.



  1. Check into the Criteria section and see if the information is there or if you need to create it. 
  2. If the Criteria is there, then simply map it to their Evaluation Group by going into the Manage Section:3.png
  3. To learn more about creating Criteria, see Criteria Types
  4. Once you have created/mapped the correct Criteria to your Evaluation group, you will be able to see it under your Evaluation Groups:


Your reviewers will now be able to score their section!


More info on How to: Set up Criteria and Map Criteria to Evaluation Groups for Scoring

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