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What is the difference between mapping Requested Information and mapping Criteria?

When it comes to the Evaluation Stage of a Project, it is essential that you set up your Evaluation Groups correctly.

You must ensure that your Reviewers are able to access as well as score Vendors' Submissions.

Requested Information mapping

By assigning a Requested Information item to an Evaluation Group, you're giving any Reviewers/Evaluators in that Evaluation Group access to the document/data/questionnaire, provided the group is not withheld. 

To learn more about Requested Information, see Requested Information

Criteria mapping

By assigning Criteria to an Evaluation Group, you're giving Reviewers/Evaluators in that Evaluation Group the ability to score the submissions, provided the group is not withheld.

To learn more about creating your Criteria, see Criteria Groups and Criteria Types

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