What does "Please log in to access this resource" mean?

When uploading a document for submission, you may encounter an error message stating, "Please log in to access this resource" appears. 


This error message appears when you've been signed out of Bonfire, such as when your browser authentication "cookies" expire. This typically prevents the file from uploading, and may occur if you've remained on the submission page, without conducting any activity, for over four hours.

To resolve this issue and continue with your submission in Bonfire, click the Logout button located in the top right corner of your browser window.


A blue LOG IN / REGISTER button should then appear in its place. Please click this to log in again. 


Once you have logged in you can get back to your work in progress submission by clicking the Submissions button in the top black bar, then the Work-in-progress tab. Select Actions -> View next to the correct opportunity.


From there you will be able to continue your submission and shouldn't receive an error message when uploading your document to Bonfire.

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