How do I add an attachment to an Opportunity Q&A message?

Project Owners

To attach files that you wish to send out to Vendors via Opportunity Q&A, navigate to the Messages section. Click on Start a New Opportunity Q&A if this is the beginning of a new thread. If this is for an existing thread, you can use the Search bar or sift through the list of existing messages to go to the appropriate thread. From there, you can attach a file to your messages by clicking the Attach File button. You can attach multiple attachments to a single message. 

Any files attached in Opportunity Q&A (incoming and outgoing) will populate in the Files section under Messages as well as the message they're attached to.


By default, Vendors cannot attach files to their questions via Opportunity Q&A. In order for Vendors to include documents, a thread needs to be created first (by either Project Owner or Vendor). Once there is a thread, Project Owners can toggle on Vendor Attachments.



Vendors can attach files to their messages via Opportunity Q&A as long as the Project Owner has toggled on Vendor Attachments from their end. Vendors will see the following message if they have access to attach files, " [Organization Name] has granted Vendor access to send attachments in this conversation".

Click on the Attach File button if you would like to upload a file along with your message.Justine_Phan_-_Recruitment_Services.png

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