How do I change the order of Purchaser, Vendor, or Calculated Columns in a BidTable template?

To change the order of the Purchaser, Vendor, or Calculated Columns that you have set up in your BidTable template, first select Actions -> Edit from the BidTables section of the Project Details page.


From the Edit BidTable page, click on the Edit icon for the appropriate Column to bring up the Edit Column pop-up window. In this case, we are editing the order of a Vendor Column:


From the Edit Vendor Column pop-up window, use the Order # to edit the order in which you'd like the the column to appear. You can manually type in the order or click on the ascending/descending arrows. Click on Save to update these changes.


The columns will rearrange accordingly. 


For more information on creating your BidTable template, please see our Creating a BidTable article.

NOTE: Editing a BidTable template while the project is in the Open stage will invalidate any templates previously downloaded by your Vendors. If you need to make any edits during the Open stage, it is strongly recommended that you issue a Public Notice letting your vendors know that they need to download the newest template.

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