Why do I see "Windows cannot extract the file" when trying to open a submission file?

When opening files downloaded from Bonfire, you may receive an error message that states, "The destination file path is too long. Rename the compressed (zipped) folder and try again."


This issue can occur in Windows if the length of the file path (i.e., the name of the location where your file is stored on your computer) exceeds 255 characters. If your file is located within subfolders of other folders and consists of longer file names you may experience this error. 

To resolve this issue, you can try the following:

1. You can attempt to rename the folders or file names to reduce the size of the file path.



2. You can also try to reduce the size of the file path by moving the file closer to the source drive, such as moving the file out of the folder elsewhere onto your computer, such as on your Desktop.




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