How do I group Requested Information?

Requested Information Groups will allow you to create Groups for similar Requested Information to allow you to organize your Requested Information into meaningful groups.

To assign Requested Information to a Group, first you must create the group, by clicking Manage when navigated to Requested Information, and the clicking to add a Group at the bottom of the modal:




Once you've created a group, you'll see it highlighted in grey:


You can then drag and drop your information into the Group using the three lines on the left:



Your Requested Information Group will then be set up! 

You can also drag and drop to change the order of the Requested Information Groups in the same way, as well as switching a piece of Requested Information from one Group to another.

If you decide you no longer want to use a Group, you can delete it using the trash icon on the right of the Group header - each piece of Requested Information assigned to the Group will remain intact so that you can assign it to another group if needed or leave it as a standalone.

From the Project Details page, a new column is available under Requested Information, showing you each of your Groups:


You can also make changes to the Groups from this view, using the Actions > Edit menu to the right of each piece of Requested Information. When the Edit modal appears, you can use the dropdown to assign a new Group:



Vendor's View

From a Vendor's perspective, the Requested Information will now be displayed in the Groups you've created and assigned:




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