How do I add or remove Evaluation Groups?

Setting up your Evaluation Groups is a fast and efficient way to divide documents, reviewers, and criteria into sections for a more efficient process.

To view the Evaluation Groups for your project, navigate to the Evaluation Groups section. Every project starts out with a Main Evaluation Group already created by default:


Once you click the Manage button, you can edit the name of the Main Evaluation Group if you wish to do so, or simply add the rest of your Evaluation Groups. In this example, the Main Evaluation Group was renamed to the Signed Forms group, while a second group named Technical Evaluation was added:


Once you have added your Evaluation Groups, you will be ready to map the CriteriaRequested Information, and Reviewers.

If you wish to delete an Evaluation Group, simply click Manage and click the Remove button next to the group you wish to get rid of. Please note that this does not delete any Reviewers, Criteria, or Requested Information within that group.

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