What is the difference between my Account, Global Vendor Record and Organization Vendor Record?

Every Vendor account in Bonfire has three parts - the User Account, Global Vendor Record, and Organization Vendor Record.

Your User Account refers to the authentication info that you provide to log into each Bonfire Portal you interact with. It carries your Global Vendor Record information to each new organization that you sign in to.

The Global Vendor Record is where you put in details about your company such as address, phone number, commodity codes, etc. Every time you log into a new Buyer Portal, a copy of the Global Vendor Record is made called the Organization Vendor Record

The Organization Vendor Record is a copy of your Global Vendor Record that can be modified by the organization that you've logged into. This is in place so that organizations can add relevant registration fields, documents, notes, and make necessary changes, without conflicting with other organizations who may wish to do the same.

When you make a change to one of these three components (such as updating your email address), it does not change it on the other two. 

If you should need to review or make changes to the above, take a look at our Account Settings Overview (for Vendors)  page.


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