How do I send a message/attachment to a particular Vendor or group of Vendors?

If you wish to contact certain Vendor or Vendors but do not wish for the message to go to everyone who has interacted with the Project, you may do so using the Vendor Discussions feature by following the instructions below: 

1. Click Messages, then click Vendor Discussions. If you wish to start a new thread, click the Start a new Vendor Discussion button.

2. Under the Recipients field, you may either select users by clicking the Recipients field and then choosing them from the menu that drops down, or by selecting a group by choosing the appropriate button underneath the Recipients field.

3. Write your intended Subject and Message.

4. If you wish for the vendors being contacted to be able to respond with a file attachment, you can enable the Vendor Attachments setting.

5. If you have a file that you'd also like to include, click the Attach File button and choose the file you wish to send. Any attached files will appear at the bottom of the page.


In this example, we're sending a "Clarification Request" message to a vendor by the name of Kris Smith from the company Vendor A. We're also sending an attachment of one file, however we are not accepting attachments in response.

NOTE: While you as the Project Owner can reach out to Vendors via Vendor Discussions at any time, Vendors can only respond back if the Vendor Discussions Due Date has not been passed, or if you Allow Vendor Responses.

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