Creating and Uploading a Submission (for Vendors)

This article will walk you through the process of submitting a digital bid directly on Bonfire. 

Accessing the Opportunity

Log into your Bonfire Vendor account in order to access the opportunity and begin preparing your submission. You can log in using the Log In tab or the Log in/Register button. 


Click on View Opportunity for the project you are looking to bid on. Public projects will appear under Open Public Opportunities. If you received a direct email invite from an organization, those opportunities will appear under My Opportunities


NOTE: Invite-only projects are only valid for the email that received the invite. Private projects can be accessed via the private encrypted link or under My Opportunities if you were directly invited. 

Navigating the Opportunity 

Now that you have access to the opportunity, review the Project Details to get the full scope of the project. The Project Details outlines important information such as deadlines, downloadable documents, and mandatory information needed to complete your submission. 

Project Details & Important Events

Here you will see see key info such as the project's Open Date, the Questions Due Date (if the Organization is accepting questions via Bonfire's Opportunity Q&A feature), and the project Closing Date.


Deadlines and additional events (if applicable) will also fall under Important Events.


Supporting Documentation 

Downloadable documents provided by the Buyer are available under Supporting Documentation. This section can include pertinent information for the corresponding bid, such as bid specifications, appendices, addenda, and so on. To download any documents, simply click on Download.


Requested Information 

This section outlines the documents you will need to upload as part of your bid package, the corresponding file type, and number of files you are permitted to submit. If the project requires a BidTable or Questionnaire you can download the templates under this section. BidTables and Questionnaires will have a Download button under the Actions column. 



The Messages sections includes communication tools that allow Buyers and Vendors to communicate directly in Bonfire. The Public Notices tab acts as a bulletin board where Buyers can issue changes or new information about the project. In the event that there are numerous public notices, you can use the Search bar to search for keywords and filter down your results.


If the project has enabled the Vendor Discussions feature, this is where you can directly message the Project Owner up until the Questions Due Date. You can begin a new conversation by clicking the Start a new Vendor Discussions button. If you would like more detailed instructions, check out How do I contact the Project Owner?


Uploading Your Submission

To begin uploading your submission, navigate to the Submissions section (which you will find at the bottom of the page). Click on Prepare Your Submission to begin the upload process.


This will direct you to the Complete Your Submission page. You will see the current time, the closing time, and a numeric value for days remaining. You will also see your information below, which you can change at any time by clicking Edit Contact Info.


Step 1: Provide Submission Information 

Upload your files for the corresponding Requested Document by clicking Upload File. Ensure that you have the correct file type and template (if applicable).


When uploading a BidTable or Questionnaire, ensure that your file matches the most up-to-date template provided by the Buyer. You can download BidTable and Questionnaire templates at this stage by clicking on the download icon.

NOTE: Uploading an incorrect template will result in errors and will prevent you from completing your submission.



If a Requested Information slot is denoted by Data Type, fill in the information according to the corresponding Data Type (ex. Numeric, Text, True/False, and/or Yes/No). 


Once you have uploaded all your documents and inputted your information successfully, you will receive green validation circles (found to the left of each Requested Information). If you still receive red validation circles, please review the corresponding error messages and update your information accordingly. 


Step 2: Submit & Finalize 

Check mark "I understand that I can't change any of the submission details or documents once the project closes." and click on Submit & Finalize My Submission


Submission Receipt

Upon completion, you will be directed to your Submission Receipt. This provides a comprehensive breakdown of all the information from your submission (a Submission Receipt will be sent to your email as well). This is where you can download a copy of all your submission files. If you did not receive this email, you can click Send Email at the bottom of the page to have it re-sent.


By scrolling down, you will see a number of options on this page. You are given the option to Return to Portal Listing, and view more bid opportunities; Provide Feedback to Bonfire Support regarding your submission experience, or un-submit your submission to go back and make changes.


If you need to revise your submission, remember that you will need to re-submit and finalize your submission for it to be considered; past submissions that have been un-submitted will not be reviewed by the Buyer. 

NOTE: You can revise a submission as long as the opportunity is still open. For more please see, Can I revise my submission?

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